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I am… a civil engineer who knows a little about a lot.

I chose Civil Engineering because… I was fascinated by the flow of water when I was a kid. And I was good at math.I like my job because… I feel like I make a difference in the world by working in a field that I understand and find enjoyment in.

I want others to know… that a civil engineer is not really the “easy” engineering field, no matter what you think or hear.

This is my story… “I wanted to be a writer. I went into college thinking that, but really didn’t know what I wanted. So I took a career development class, which required a lot of actual self analysis and thought. I recognized several little things that slowly directed me into civil engineering: – I wanted work with the natural world rather than making something. – I wanted to make a difference in some way with whatever I did in my career. – I enjoyed studying systems. I read a lot about various careers, and civil engineering appeared fit what I was seeking. I started in environmental engineering, but late in my undergraduate years, I took some hydraulics and GIS courses. I remembered how as a kid, I would play with streams of water (especially at curbs) and place things into the path and watch the water move around. It would fascinate me. Initially I worked in environmental engineering, then I moved into water resources. Then I spent a few years in land development, but the pure water resources engineering called me back. It just feels more interesting to me.”

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