Aelisa Carr

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I am… a mom, a nature lover, and a Civil Engineer.

I chose Civil Engineering because… I was good at math and liked problem solving, and mentors told me there weren’t enough women in engineering. Also the promise of a well paying job right out of undergrad was appealing and it seemed like engineering would open doors.

I like my job because… I get to do so many different things and it is always challenging and engaging. There’s always more to learn, new ways to grow, and more mountains to climb.

My typical day at work involves… emails, emails, more emails, and meeting and coordinating. A lot of logistics and planning and communicating in all forms. Then every once in a while I get to sit quietly and design something or solve a problem. I enjoy both the technical and people sides of engineering.

I want others to know… Civil Engineering is a very society-facing field. We are public servants and everything we do directly impacts the public. Social skills are valuable.

This is my story… I never knew what I wanted to do and picked Civil Engineering because it seemed like a choice that would open doors and in the meantime would provide a stable and good living. I couldn’t have imagined how wide those doors would be. After 11 years working as a water resources and land development engineer, I decided to carve a new path with new opportunities both related and unrelated to my career as a civil engineer. As it turns out there are so many directions you can go with the skills you learn being a Civil Engineer, and the most valuable traits gained from being a civil engineer– a can-do mind set and persistence– come in handy. Both extremely useful in any type of project you put your mind to. Now I’m working on such a wide range of projects, none of them seem at all related, and I use my Civil Engineering background for all of them.

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