Audrey Copeland

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I am… proud to be a civil engineer and love my job being the lead engineer for a national trade association and getting to travel the US & world.

I chose Civil Engineering because… my dad encouraged me to get a practical degree before going to law school for environmental law. And I liked the challenge of math and science. And my undergrad school, TN Tech University, is known for engineering.

I like my job because… it’s never boring, always evolving; I travel the US & World; the people are genuine and intelligent; and I get to interact with the leaders of companies and learn from them on a regular basis.

My typical day at work involves… strategizing ways to improve our roads, networking, preparing a report or presentation, speaking to a large audience about asphalt roads, teaching, responding to emails (of course!), serving as a national expert to the US government, directing colleagues, flying somewhere, and, at times, having a nice dinner or doing something fun with colleagues.

I want others to know… you can go on be a leader of an organization as a civil engineer. I never imagined the opportunities I would have as a Civil Engineer to go beyond design work into leadership and developing national expertise and the opportunities to travel!

This is my story… I love being an engineer and, as a civil engineer, I’m blessed to have the means to travel, eat well, and generally have fun trying new things. My time beyond my career is spent traveling, being with family & friends laughing, watching a baseball game (Go Nationals!), trying new restaurants and wine, & driving my dream car, a Corvette! My current hobby is consignment shopping and finding designer fashion for a steal.

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