Sara Cushing

I am… the president of a family-owned civil engineering company and mother of 1. I chose Civil Engineering because… I always excelled at math and was drawn to the field because of my father I [...]

Carolyn Voter

I am… an avid reader, sometimes serious runner, and casual flute player working on a Ph.D. in water resources engineering. I chose Civil Engineering because… It gave me the opportunity to be an [...]

Brian Werrell

I am… Engaged to be married. I have a English bulldog puppy and I love live music. I chose Civil Engineering because… I won a bridge building contest in high school. I like my job because… I get [...]

Audrey Copeland

I am… proud to be a civil engineer and love my job being the lead engineer for a national trade association and getting to travel the US & world. I chose Civil Engineering because… my dad [...]


I am… a civil engineer who knows a little about a lot. I chose Civil Engineering because… I was fascinated by the flow of water when I was a kid. And I was good at math.I like my job because… I [...]

Charlene Johnston

I am… a Senior Water Resources Civil Engineer Program Manager that started my collegiate experience expecting to be a court reporter. I didn’t even know what an engineer was back then as I [...]

Emily Dhingra

I am… coastal engineer, project manager, mother of two, and an avid reader I chose Civil Engineering because… I am good at math and science I like my job because… I get to work with lots of smart [...]

Aelisa Carr

I am… a mom, a nature lover, and a Civil Engineer. I chose Civil Engineering because… I was good at math and liked problem solving, and mentors told me there weren’t enough women in [...]


I am… a women who loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. I’m also a Civil Engineer I chose Civil Engineering because… I enjoy the outdoors and wanted to work with the [...]

Emily Dean

I am… A design engineer for a great firm. We work hard and play hard. I chose Civil Engineering because… There are so many different aspects of civil engineering and it’s a service that [...]

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