Emily Dhingra

 In Civil Engineer, Stories

I am… coastal engineer, project manager, mother of two, and an avid reader

I chose Civil Engineering because… I am good at math and science

I like my job because… I get to work with lots of smart people

My typical day at work involves… solving problems.

I want others to know… the best engineers are really creative.

This is my story… I really am grateful that I have never felt that I didn’t belong in this field. In college, there were often small numbers of women in my classes, but my male colleagues were supportive. Professors were encouraging, and I had opportunities to engage in some research projects that helped get me interested in graduate school. At my company, although we’ve recently reorganized my department, for many years, my boss was a woman engineer and her boss was a woman engineer. Having role models in my office has been wonderful. I lead a team of 10 engineers and scientists, and 7(!) of them are women. So, I do find civil engineering to be welcoming and inviting of any person (male or female) who’s up for a challenge. I know that there are some corners of the industry where women, still, are perceived as not being welcome, and I have heard stories like the one that started #ILookLikeAnEngineer, but I’m thankful and grateful to all the men and women I’ve worked with as I don’t have any real “war stories” to tell. It’s important that we continue to talk about why there aren’t more women going into (and staying in) engineering, but we should also highlight the women who are happy and successful in their jobs. For me, posting my picture with the hashtag was a way to show that I’m proud to be an engineer.

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